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Dryer Help Topics

My dryer is drying too slow

1. The vent is the most common reason for a dryer drying too slowly. Slow drying is usually determined by the dryer taking more than 1 hour to dry. Most of the time, a blockage builds in the vent duct that runs between the dryer and the outside of your home. These blockages are usually lint that collects inside the duct over time. They can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or just by replacing the duct altogether.

2. Another common reason for a dryer to dry slow is when the heating element is faulty. Heating elements can fail completely or just partially. If your dryer heats but heats at such a low temperature that it takes two to three times the normal drying time, then your heating element is probably partially burned out and needs to be replaced.

3. Your dryer has internal ductwork that directs the air currents in your dryer. If your internal ductwork has obstructions then your clothes won't dry properly. In most dryers you will have to mostly disassemble the dryer to reach the internal ductwork. To do a easy check of the internal ductwork use a flashlight to inspect the inside of the duct located behind the lint filter. If it is clogged and you can't get it cleaned out with a vacuum cleaner you will have to disassemble the dryer.

4. A final reason that dryer dries to slowly is a faulty thermostat. Dryers usually have more than one thermostat to regulate the drying temperature. If the thermostat is faulty then it must be replaced. Thermostats are usually small, round devices mounted to the internal ductwork.